Knights and Dragons: The Endless Quest


Pure Dungeons and Dragons


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Knights and Dragons: The Endless Quest is a beat 'em up in the style of old tabletop games. Thanks to the OpenBor engine and tons of material taken directly from old Dungeons and Dragons titles, it provides as close to a classic role-playing game experience as you can get.

Players can choose between various classes of characters: warrior, cleric, mage, archer, dwarf, and thief. One to four players can participate using Xbox 360 controllers and the keyboard.

Once you've chosen your characters, the adventure begins. Your characters start with a very limited amount of life points, which you can increase as you gain levels. So be careful, because at the start of the adventure, your characters can die after just one or two hits.

Just like in Dungeons and Dragons, you can choose which missions you want to play. There are lots of different options, and each will reward your handsomely if you are able to complete it. Of course, if all of your characters die, it's game over.

Once you finish Knights and Dragons, you'll gain access to additional playing modes, with all of the characters unlocked and a few extra surprises.

Knights and Dragons: The Endless Quest is one of the best beat 'em ups based in the Dungeons and Dragons franchise that you'll find. It offers a dozen hours of classic action difficult enough to provide a real challenge.
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